The past 3 ½ months have been a blurred, hosting the Northern Zone in July, Hotshots in August, club meet in September and all the other bits in-between.

  • Trademark – Young Guns – the club has now opposed the name and a 30-page document is ready to be lodged on IP Australia
  • Court case regarding the grant was heard on 9 October …….
  • I had spoken to Mark Bailey Secretary from Show Society who advised that our rent would go up 300% when the lease expires. It was then very disappointing to have found a letter from the Show Society to the club in 2016 offering new leases at current arrangements. I have no idea why the offer was not taken

The Executives met with the Show Society in attempt to get a new lease as now we only have 5 years left. We have been advised the area is under consultation as they are having a management plan review happening.

  • We have confirmed that the QLD F100 will be featuring at our November meeting. They think it will be a full grid of 26 karts! They have asked for our race dates for next year to plan their
  • We have started up the come n tries again. I believe the new way we are doing this will be a great benefit to the club. I believe we will be gaining many new members in the near
  • The new 50-year history page has been created on Facebook and has been a big hit. There is so much more planned. Next year will be
  • The committee has agreed to $50 race entries for 1st and last race meets in 2020
  • 2020 membership costing discounting race licence holders
  • More tyres arrived, bolted and moved into place
  • Seal a crack completed for the whole track

All I can say is with a great committee you can achieve anything, and I need to say a big thank you to our Executives, David Santin, Mark Thompson, Kim Dhu. It is that great attitude of let’s make this happen, moving forward. THANK YOU for all you have done for the club.

The Committee:

Adam Essery, Barry Riordan, Brett Llewellyn, Jodie Nommensen, Kaleb Veal, Marianne Baillie, Michael Porter, Nick Preston, Red Garrard, Rick Bostock, Rod Burley, Russell Standing and Shayne Brown. What a team and each have contributed so many hours to make this club the awesome club that it is. I would hate to count the donated hours by all. THANK YOU for all you have done for the club.

Our Volunteers:

Chris Williams now on advertising and promotions, Glen Wilson as starter in the tower, Marnie Keith stepping up race days as needed, Renee Brown on the grid, Ruben up on FP 4, and Steve Plim the new First Aid officer, Ben from Shaqs for the great pics, the ladies in the canteen pumping out that great food and all our members that voluntarily pitch in at working bees and helping out to make this club great.    THANK YOU for all you have done for the club.

Our Sponsors:

Betta Electrical, Lismore Paint, Dolphin Office Supplies, Bostocks Appliance Repairs, Supercheap, Power Republic, SupaGas, 2LM/ZZZ and our Major Sponsor for Young Guns Energy Corse, THANK YOU for all your support to the club.

Again, with a great committee you can achieve anything, and it is great seeing the Club now moving forward in the right direction. It is a pleasure being part of this committee and a huge thank you to all for your support.

Diana Smith
President Lismore Kart Club