Practice at Lismore Kart Club

LKC HelmetLicensed Kart drivers (visitors and members alike) are welcome to use Lismore Kart Track for practice between 9am and 5pm daily as long as no other events or maintenance is occurring on the track. (Please check this website and calendar for any updates).

The track is securely locked and you will need to contact a committee member for information on how to obtain a key.

The track is not available for use by non-licensed drivers as they are not covered by the clubs insurance (note that not completing the attendance book will also classify licensed drivers as trespassing on this property).

LKC Members Practice Information – Download


  • It is compulsory for all drivers to sign the book located in the maintenance shed and pay their practice fees before going out on the track.
    Note: Unlicensed drivers or drivers without a club membership are not allowed to practice.
  • All karts must conform with the rules to that class in the current AKA manual
  • All drivers must conform with the rules for drivers in the current AKA manual
  • Practice consists of separate 10 min sessions for Cadet 9/Cadet 12, Juniors and Seniors except where otherwise advised by practice officials of the day.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the fire extinguisher and flags are put out for practice.
  • It is compulsory that there is a minimum of 2 people at the track during practice with one having access to a mobile phone.


Practice fees are $30 per day for non-members and $15 per week for Lismore Kart Club members.


Please ensure that the facility is secure prior to leaving;

  • all items have been put away,
  • compressor is turned off and
  • all locks are locked, includes toilets, grid gates and Dunoon Road entrance.

Karting NSW state policy for 6 year olds practice sessions: Practice Conditions for 6 Year Olds That means the Cadet 9 will be divided into separate sessions for 6 year olds & 7 year olds plus