Northern Star Newspaper Article July 2016

Newspaper article sent to the Northern Star for June race results run down.


Sunday the 26th saw the running of Lismore Kart clubs June meeting, which was well attended by drivers and spectators. With the day being very cold, this resulted in the circuit having very poor traction, even so the standard of driving and control was exceptional.

Grafton Kart Club used this meeting as their away meeting, so members attended and obtained points towards their end of year presentation.  Grafton drivers said it was a real challenge, as their circuit is a much tighter one with less top speed than the Lismore circuit.

One of the large fields was that of the CADET 9 class (drivers 7 -9yrs) with 13 entries, these pocket rockets are really something to watch, their race skills are fantastic for their young age.

The CADET 12 class (9-12yrs of age) whilst small in numbers was certainly very competitive and very close racing. This class was dominated by Rusty Ross of the Ipswich club.  Local driver Nathaniel Watts received an encouragement award for his efforts on the day.

Junior K4 Light class ( 12 -15yrs of age) this class  was run combining both the light and heavy groups to create a larger field.  This class was also dominated by an Ipswich driver Benjamin Jenkins.

Junior K4 Heavy class (12-15yrs of age) saw some great racing with a standout drive by Grafton’s Tim Hall.

KA4 Senior Light class made up of all drivers being Lismore drivers put on some of the  best entertaining racing we have seen at the circuit in a long time. The sportsmanship both on and off the circuit displayed by these drivers was exceptional. Matthew Neil was the dominate driver in this class.

The Sportsman Light class was well contested with the largest field of 14 entrants, with the racing very tight and furious.

The Sportsman Heavy and Sportsman Super heavy were run together resulting in great racing with the heavy class being dominated by Lismore members, with  local father and son battle it out for the honours.

Impressive drivers of the meet with four (4) races for four (4) wins  were:

Cadet 12 class:                   Rusty Ross

KA4 Junior light:              Benjamin Jenkinson

KA4 Junior heavy:            Tim Hall

KA4 Senior light:               Matthew Neil

Sportsman Heavy:             Luke Garrard



Cadet 9  A 1st Braith Santin Lism 2nd Jakob Scott Lism 3rd Beau Bromhead Lism
Cadet 9  B 1st Kalon Seagrove Lism 2nd Jordan Sell WKC 3rd Kayden Thompson Lism
Cadet 12 1st Rusty Ross IKC 2nd Zane Morrison Coffs 3rd Braith Martin Graf
Junior K4 L 1st Ben  Jenkinson IKC 2nd Jessica Matthews Lism 3rd Jack Porter Lism
Junior K4 H 1st Tim Hall Graf 2nd Ryan Newell Lism 3rd Jade Hardacre Lism
Senior  K4 1st Matt Neil Lism 2nd Jaden Partridge Lism 3rd Curt Nommensen Lism
Sportsman  L 1st Derek Jones IKC 2nd Michael Slade Lism 3rd Jake Wheeler Lism
Sportsman H 1st Luke Garrard Lism 2nd Jason Routley Lism 3rd Elwyn Garrard Lism
Sports    SH 1st Peter McRae Lism 2nd Chris O’Connell IKC 3rd Matt Bidner Lism

Up coming events:

Come Try Day Sunday  3rd July                                                    Next race date  24th July      Northern Zone  R3


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